︎︎︎ Spectral Limits


This growing body of work takes a science fictional  approach to imagining a post-Plantationocene world and it’s ecological aftermaths. Exisitng within the fictive space of “The Chimeric Zone”, the narrator of the story, a derelict surveyor,  encounters different forms of other-than-human life in a strange creek in a once-California. The work uses writing, photography, sound design, sculpture, and video to meditate on both the brutality of this world and the life forms that emerge from it. It speculates/sits with the ongoingness of ecosystems in the ruins of capitalism.

    What emerges on the other side, what is freed from the hold, will always live with the inscription of its once-captivity but will also continue in the riotous way life-at-the-edge ceaselessly does. The surveyor of this site, works to disengage standard modes of narration, refusing to impose a cohesive subjectivity onto the unsayable forms of life they encounter. Knowing that, to do so, would reproduce the systems that brought upon this irrerversible terror in first instance.