︎︎︎    Meditations On Housing


Meditations On Housing is a series of photographs taken in empty homes between ownerships. The work reorients the viewers gaze towards different unthought positions that disrupt its performance as a pristine object of private property that works to exist outside of time. Through a focusing on left over objects, left open windows, unhinged doors, scuffed floors that make visible human habitation or labor, inclusion of construction trucks, the bare wooden bones of a home, or meditative pauses on the way the sun falls into the empty rooms (all of which are meant to be hidden), the work produces a quiet and critical understanding of the suburban home/domestic space as a performative relation that continuously fails to erase its lived-in-ness/nature as a shared-space-acros- time, once it is moved out of. With this work, I mean to generate a critical framework that asks that The Home contend with itself as a co-constituitive lack. Put differently, both the house and its inhabting subjects (that combine to make The Home) will never arrive at the aesthetic-affective fulfillment (required to enact that longed-for Liberal sense of The Good Life [Berlant, 2011]) so long as its nature as a shared, precarious, imperfect space is denied or vacuumed away.